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Hello, my name is Dongji Feng, I am a Computer Science tenure-track assistant professor at Gustavus Adolphus College. I finished my Ph.D. at BDI lab under the supervision of Dr.Santu. My research interests include Natural Language Generation, Large Language Models, Information Retrieval, and corresponding evaluation metrics. I am also interested in Game Design and STEM education. Before I joined BDI lab, I worked with Dr.Thomas on research exploring the development of computational algorithmic thinking, during which I served as Entrepreneur lead for an education start-up funded by the NSF I-Corp. During my Ph.D., I also served as Teaching Assistant for undergraduate/graduate-level Computer Science courses, such as [Graduate Level: Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Computer Game Design & Development] and [undergraduate level: Intro to Algorithm, Cloud Computing].


[Nov 2023] I am excited to start serving as a reviewer for ACL Rolling Review (ARR)!

[Oct 2023] I am excited to start serving as a reviewer for Expert Systems With Applications!

[Oct 2023] Our two papers got accepted by EMNLP 2023! TELeR, zero-shot

[Sept 2023] I present our paper at AIxIA 2023!

[Sept 2023] Our paper Fermi Multiverse got accepted by the 22nd International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA 2023)!

[Oct 2023] I joined Gustavus Adolphus College as a Tenure-Track Computer Science Assistant Professor!

[Oct 2023] I have defended my Ph.D. thesis and graduated from Auburn University!

[May 2023] Our paper has been accepted by Information Processing and Management Journal UE Normalization!

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